Hey! I’m Takira, but most people call me TK.

Though often confused with the colloquialism of “Total Knock Out”, in this instance, TKO means TK Originals.

My first taste of web design came from a childhood pastime, MySpace. Marquees and hex codes became my best friend. Before long I began taking classes at school to fill in gaps¬†and haven’t quite stopped since.

After discovering there were different ways to manipulate information to communicate with a design aesthetic, I was hooked. Graphic Design and Photography were added to my palette and continue to round out my total branding. If there were a coined termed for thinking with both parts of your brain, that would be me. Very analytical, logical and systematic, yet creative, abstract and emotional, I tend to use both hemispheres pretty evenly when approaching a project.

It’s all about perspective but I’m either the coolest weird person you’ll meet, or the weirdest cool person. On a random note, my downtime includes lots of crafting, music, movies and FOOD!

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