TKO Photographic is an all-in-one powerhouse studio exceeding all of your photography, graphic and web design needs. Why should you have to find many different creatives when you can use one for everything who will make sure all of your branding is consistent. We love working with entrepreneurs who....

Though easily confused with
Total Knock Out, TKO actually
stands for TK Originals.

Ever since MySpace I've been hooked. Before long, I began taking classes at school and haven't quite stopped since.

I’m a self proclaimed extroverted introvert. (Yes, I know there’s a real term for that - ambivert - but you’re on my site so I can be who I want) I'm very analytical, logical and systematic, yet creative, abstract and emotional; I tend to use both hemispheres of my brain pretty evenly when approaching a project,
which makes well in designing for businesses. As you can see I think a lot.

When I’m not designing, I’m doing one of my hobbies, most of which include creativity or imagination. Some of the other random ones are reading, outdoor adventures or finding good food. I’m pretty open about life and business. If I know it, so will you, and if I don’t, I will soon.
My personality is pretty fluid and I’m pretty positive we’ll get along great, let's get started